Sentexexchange (SNTX Token) - Earn 500 SNTX Token
In order to receive 500 SNTX tokens, users have to register on the website and get an exchange ID using the link below. You need to complete all the activities using the subsequent links below. Once your you’re done with this, fill in all mandatory fields and do not forget to mention the Exchange ID, else, token transfer will not be possible.

Sign Up :

Register on sentexexchange website website ( KYC not mandatory for airdrop users ) :


Join our Telegram group :

Note: Be respectful and share your suggestions / queries about this project.

Stay until the end of the IEO

Facebook :

Like sentexexchange facebook page and share post on your timeline :

Note: Your account must be at least 2 months old and should have at least 50 friends.


Follow sentexexchange twitter page ans share post on your profile :

Note: Make 1 positive comment on the post.

Your account must be at least 2 months old and should have at least 50 followers.


Subscribe to our YouTube channel:


Follow linkedin Page and comment any one post:

Medium :

Follow on Medium and reply positive comments on our blogs :


Follow the official Instagram Page :

Note: Like 5 posts from our official Instagram Page

Make 1 positive comment

Your Instagram account must be at least 3 months old and should have at least 50 friend.

Each participant will received 500 SNTX token

Sign Up - 100 SNTX
Telegram - 100 SNTX
Facebook - 50 SNTX
Twitter - 50 SNTX
Youtube - 50 SNTX
Linkedin - 50 SNTX
Medium - 50 SNTX
Instagram - 50 SNTX


It is mandatory to complete all activities in order to ensure 500 tokens. Please finish them and fill the details. If the activities are not completed, you won't be eligible to claim the tokens.

Once the IEO is live and once the Airdrop data is verified by our verification team, we will share the qualified name list with the date of token credit.

All SNTX tokens for airdrop will be sent to the exchange id, so please provide the exchange user id properly on the form.

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