Steampunk Masquerade Art Application Form
A Call For Art Installations!

The Steampunk Masquerade is all about showcasing artists and their amazing creations! Do you have a huge, climbable sculpture? Does your chill-dome light up with thousands of LED's? Can you warm the chilly masses with your fire art? Have you created something bizarre and engrossing? Can your art car take people for a ride? Do you have a clever circus side-show? Will your interactive installation LITERALLY BLOW MINDS??

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, Steampunk Masquerade and this form are for you!

Quick FAQ:
--> The event is Saturday, May 13th, 4pm - 2am
--> Load in will be a few days prior, load out Sunday the 14th
--> This is a community fundraiser, not-for-profit event but there will be budget available for selected pieces, we value our artists!
OK, ready for this?
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