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Yana真心話/Words from Yana

Belly dance is my passion!
I love to teach belly dance and see how my students grow up and it's like doing something with my hands and see beautiful result.
Official website: bellydance.hoyataiwan.com
【師資介紹-Yana】About teacher Yana
- 擁有豐富的教學經驗,從2011年開始成為一名專業的肚皮舞老師。
- 烏克蘭「Eshta」專業肚皮舞學校的創辦人,開設並教授給成人和孩童的課程。
- 在烏克蘭和國際上有豐富的演出經驗。

-Highly experienced professional belly dance instructor since 2011.
-Founder of the professional belly dance school "Eshta" facilitating adult and kid programs in the Ukraine.
-I have extensive experience of performing both domestically in the Ukraine and internationally.


In our lessons, we study not only the physical movements of oriental dance, but also the culture of the Middle East, rhythms, Arabic music, folk dance styles, basic gymnastics and ballet.

我們的舞蹈有《巴拉迪》(埃及庶民之舞)、Saidi、流行樂、Tabla鼓獨奏、Raqs Sharqi(經典埃及肚皮舞)、伊拉克舞、黃金時代風、摩洛哥舞、Hagala、融合風肚皮舞等等。


Once a week we have an additional lesson for choreography, where we are learning compositions for a specific songs. In the future, you can use your ready-made dance for performing in front of an audience, for personal purposes or just to improve your dancing skills, develop auditory skills and improve the mastery of belly dance. We work with such styles as Baladi, Saidi, Pop Song, Solo Tabla, Raqs Sharqi, Iraqi Dance, Golden Age Style, Moroccan Dance, Hagala, Fusion Belly Dance, etc.
The lesson is held on Saturday from 14:15 to 15:15.

【八月份學習主題】/Topics for August
- 東方舞神奇的手部動作與技巧
- 練習腹部呈真空的技巧
- 感知臀部肌肉,學習控制臀肌的收縮。
- 東方舞蹈中上半身舞動的技巧
- 學習巴拉迪(baladi)節奏
- 學習巴拉迪節奏的基本動作
- 複習maksum節奏的基本動作
- 比較maksum和baladi,學習辨認這兩種不同的音樂節奏,能夠跟隨節奏快速變換動作,跳出正確的動作。
- maksum和baladi節奏的基礎即興
- 四種shimmy的訓練
- 增強身體柔軟度的基本體操動作
- 將氧氣帶入身體肌肉的呼吸運動
- 建立正確的身體姿勢,和訓練背肌的特殊運動

- hand technique and hand magic in oriental dance
- technique and practice of performing with a vacuum in the abdomen
- work with the gluteal muscles and training one by one contractions
- oriental technique for work with the upper body

- learning baladi rhythm
- learning basic movements for baladi rhythm
- repeat and work out basic movements for maksum rhythm
- compare the rhythm of maksum and baladi, learn to recognize them in the music, quickly switch the movements, use the correct movements, follow the rhythm
- the basics improvisation for the maksum and baladi rythms
- training four types of shimmy
- the basics of gymnastics for the development of body flexibility
- breathing exercises for filling muscles with oxygen
- developing the correct posture and training the back muscles with special exercises.

【肚皮舞技巧】/【Technique of belly dance 】
週一、三 10:15-11:00
週二、四 20:30-21:15
週六 13:15-14:00

【肚皮舞技巧】月會員1500元(每週5堂課 )
【肚皮舞技巧】月會員 1000元(每週3堂課)

**臺北時間 (UTC +8)

Monday, Wednesday 10:15AM-11:00AM
Tuesday, Thursday 8:30PM-9:15PM
Saturday 1:15PM-2:00PM

Technique of belly dance (5 times per week)  monthly membership 1500 NTD
Technique of belly dance (3 times per week: Tue, Thu, Sat or Mon,Wed,Sat)  monthly membership 1000 NTD
(During the week the days can be mixed. Ex: if you can't join Monday you can change to Tuesday or Thursday)

**Taipei time (UTC +8)

【肚皮舞舞碼】/【Oriental choreography】
每週六 14:15-15:15


**臺北時間 (UTC +8)

Saturday 2:15PM-3:15PM
Oriental choreography one class 250 NTD
Oriental choreography 4 classes 800 NTD

**Taipei time (UTC +8)
 【肚皮舞技巧】45分鐘/【Technique of belly dance】45 mins.


Level: Beginner, amateurs and professionals.
Description of the class: warm up 10 mins, learn and practice new belly dance movement, tricks and secrets, rhythms, cool down 10 mins.

Goal: learn and train belly dance movements, practice combining some movements together, improve posture and body flexibility, learn new rhythms, cardio training, burn fat, weight loss.
【 肚皮舞舞碼】1 小時【Oriental choreography】 1 hour

目的:學習新的編舞,提高藝術能力, 在大眾面前展現自信。

Level: Amateurs and professionals.
Description of the class: warm up 10 mins, learn and practice belly dance composition with special music and style (raqs sharqi, baladi, solo tabla, shaabi, saidi, pop songs, etc.), improve the improvisation skills, cool down 10 mins.

Goal: learn new choreography, improve artistic abilities, be confident in front of an audience.

Membership valid for one month.

Payment method: bank transfer.


***現金獎勵措施只適用【肚皮舞技巧】 月費會員方案

*Invite one friend and receive 50NTD cash discount (If you are currently our student, then the refund received for the invited friend can be used as a discount for your monthly membership. However, if you are not our student and do not wish to enroll, you can receive cash);
*Refund/payment will only be available after the invited person has purchased a monthly membership (After these conditions have been met, you will receive your special offer);
*If the person you invited continues their subscription next month, you will automatically receive a refund.
**Please note, that cash rebate system applicable only to the full month’s membership.
***The cash rebate system is applicable only to the "Technique of belly dance" monthly membership

姓名/Full name *
電話/Phone number *
Line ID *
介紹人/Referral by
匯款帳號後五碼/Last five digit of account number *
請選擇最適合您的時間並填寫表格(可以複選)/Please, choose the time most suitable  for you and complete the form(Can do multiple choose)
戶名:Bass Yana

Bank: Cathay United bank Tanzi Branch (No:013)
Number: 262506144803
Name: Bass Yana

Classes language: English & Chinese

*new members can try for free one lesson.

*匯款完畢,請以手機簡訊(0987022362) 或Line(@yana_bass)的方式通知我們,並提供匯款收據照片或是螢幕截圖。

* Please complete your online application form, and transfer the application fee before August.
*After transferring, please SMS (0987022362) or Line(@yana_bass) to inform us with your receipt or screenshot.
*After receiving your fee, we will send a message within 2 days, and invite you to  our line group for more details.


*Please prepare comfortable clothing to practice: this can be tights and top, it is recommended  to tie a scarf on your hips, this will help to feel the movements.
*Classes will take place through the software: “Zoom”,  please install it in advance on your computer, tablet or phone.
*Please make sure there is a stable internet connection in the room where you will be doing your belly dance class.
*After entering the meeting room, please test your standing position in front of the camera . It is best to show your whole body (or at least to your knees), so that the teacher can check your movements and give advice accordingly.
*The meeting room will be open for everyone to enter 10 minutes before the start of the class.
*To avoid extra noises please during the class off the microphone.
*It would be better if you will change your name to English name so the teacher will be easy to remember it and give you some suggestions during the class. (Please check the pictures below how to do it)

如何在zoom更改名稱/How to change your name in Zoom software in computer
手機裝置如何更改zoom的名字/How to change your name in Zoom App in cellphone
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