2020 Spring and Summer Registration
If you are interested in playing league soccer on a Gray Ducks outdoor team, please complete the brief form below. For more information on the Gray Ducks organization, please visit us at www.grayducks.com . The Gray Ducks is a club where everyone is welcome. League play is geared toward those with intermediate and higher skill levels. For recreation and beginner soccer, there may be limited opportunities.

Placement is not guaranteed as teams are dependent upon player interest, seniority, gender specific minimums and willingness of others to play goalie. So please, provide us your interest today.

*Notice: A down payment per team that you plan to be on WILL be required once you're placed. Remainder of dues will be due upon request. Mpls leagues require full upfront payment, so we carry that request onto you. Once you are placed on a team, you have 48 hours to confirm or cancel. After you accept the roster spot, you are expected to pay in full regardless if you cancel. Refunds are only provided if the spot you vacate is paid back. Failure to communicate attendance may result in forfeiture of playing time as it jeopardizes others' health and the team's ability to meet league requirements. By signing up for the Gray Ducks, you acknowledge and accept our Terms and Conditions: www.grayducks.com . We have a strict attendance policy in place to ensure player safety and ensure teams remain able to compete, while it is perfectly okay to miss matches, it is not acceptable to "no show" and fail to provide notification of absences.
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