Bloomington Handmade Micro-Market
The following are application questions to be involved in the Bloomington Handmade Mirco-Market and preceding mentorship sessions with the board of the Bloomington Handmade Market. Our goal with this Incubator series is to provide first-hand business knowledge to (art) students in order to help in the creation of their arts business.

If accepted, you will get:
- an email series consisting of four emails detailing the business of art, branding, production, marketing/outreach, and show prep/logistics (beginning Sept 20th)
- 90 minute round-robin meeting with the board of BHM on October 1st from 4:30-6:00
- 30 minutes one-on-one session with one of our board members scheduled before Oct 31
- FREE participation in Bloomington Handmade Market to sell your art on Nov 11 from 10-5 ( (we provide your space, lunch, and your bio/artist statement in our program). You will be required to bring your artwork, your display, and a 6' table with covering. If you need to rent a table, you can do so for $10.

- 60 minute debriefing session after show

You will be expected to:
- show up to all off the above activities
- distribute 100 postcards to 5 unique campus locations and document via social media as well as 5 posters

Applications are open from April through Sept 18th
You will be notified by Sept 19th of your acceptance.

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Category/Medium of Art/Craft
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Phone Number
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Website that shows your work - this can be a Facebook photo album, website, FB page, Instagram . . . etc
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3-5 sentences that describe you and your business. Please write this in THIRD person as this will be used on our blog for vendor profiles.
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Social Media Accounts - please list here your social media accounts and handles (IG, Pinterest, FB, etc - for your BUSINESS or your ART, not personal pages)
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With your booth you get ONE free box lunch.
As this is a student-focused endeavor wherein we are geared toward current emerging artists who are still in academia- what is your Major/Focus/Concentration? Please include any classes that you feel might be necessary to share with us at this moment. *
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What are your aspirations as an artist? *
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Have you shown your work/sold your work before? If so, where and when? *
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What are you looking to learn from this experience? *
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Please email us with 3-5 images of your current line of work (that you might sell at the Handmade Market if accepted). Email to with the subject line " Re: Micro Market Application (your name here) *
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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