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Thank you for reaching out to Delaware Humane Association. If you can complete the following form, we can let you know if we are able to help. Please note incomplete forms and/or animals with multiple attacks, bites, or serious behavior concerns will unfortunately not be considered.

**If you are requesting the intake of an animal that is loose, cannot be caught, or you are concerned for but are not the owner of, unfortunately, Delaware Humane Association does not have an animal control contract for the State of Delaware, so we do not have legal authority to do any kind of animal control or investigation of animal abuse. We also do not have the staffing or resources for this type of activity. Please call the Office of Animal Welfare at (302) 255-4646. For more information about who to contact about animal cruelty and control, please visit: animalservices.delaware.gov.

Every animal that DHA intakes is provided with a basic standard of care to prepare them for adoption. The costs can add up to a significant amount for DHA, and our adoption fees help us recover only a portion of these expenses. We have a recommended surrender fee of $75. For more information, please visit our website at delawarehumane.org.
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Do you take them for walks (dogs only, unless cat is leash trained)? How does he/she walk on leash?
How long are they left without people? Describe how they behave when left home alone (include tips if you have any): *
Describe how they behave in the car / getting into a carrier (include tips if you have any): *
Are they destructive at all? If yes, what things/how so? *
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How do you correct unwanted behaviors? *
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What commands do they know?
Have they had any formal training? If so, where?
Describe what they've been eating (include special diet/preferences/habits/favorite treats they have): *
What do they do when you or someone else goes near its food bowl?
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Have they ever growled or snarled at you or anyone else? If yes, please describe: *
Have they ever nipped, scratched or snapped at you or anyone else? If yes, please describe: *
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Please feel free to include your own bio about your pet:
I understand/agree to the following: *
I am aware there is a recommended $75 fee to help DHA care for the animal I am looking to surrender.
I am the owner of the animal I am looking to surrender (DHA cannot accept if you are not the owner).
If the animal I am looking to surrender is not able to be handled or vetted, DHA will not be able to take them in.
While DHA will put forward their best efforts, I understand I am not guaranteed to be scheduled an appointment or have my animal intaken by DHA.
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