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If you're trying to get on a bus that is sold out - this is where you want to be! Please fill out this form with all your information.

We will do our best to notify our waitlisters prior to releasing additional spots. However, we encourage you to keep checking the website frequently, because on very high volume days, we may not have enough time to contact the list after releasing more spots. When we do have time, this is how it will go down:

Your position on the waitlist is determined by the order in which we receive these completed forms.

If we get any cancellations, we'll fill those spots from the waitlist based on timestamp by calling down the list in order until someone answers the phone and takes the spot(s).

If we are able to add a full bus, we'll email everyone on the waitlist who requested that location to let you know what time those new spots will be added on our website. If you get that email, make sure to jump on there (bustoshow.org) right on time and snag those fresh seats! If they don't show up, refresh your browser! Remember, the spots are not saved for you, so you still need to hurry. But you do have an advantage over non-waitlisters because you will know when to check.

Again, please feel free to keep checking the website. Notifying the waitlist is something we do when we have time, and the last thing we would want is for you to not check the website because you assumed that we would notify you first.

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