6th Collagen Café (Oct 26 2022, 3pm ADT)
Collagen biology and "physics" with a Canadian flavour. Please email adr@dal.ca to be removed from the distribution list, to recommend future speakers, or to volunteer for a contributed talk. Laurent Kreplak and Andrew Rutenberg (Dalhousie University) are organizing, and we plan to have 2-3 Cafés per year.

(zoom pre-opens at 2:45pm for testing, naming, and socializing)
starting at 3pm (ADT, Halifax NS time)  [Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85167468654 ]

Welcome + land acknowledgement + intro

1x (invited 20min+7 Q&A): 
Ricardo García (CSIC, Spain) https://wp.icmm.csic.es/forcetool/
"High-speed nanomechanical mapping of the early stages of collagen growth by bimodal force microscopy"

3x (contributed 10+4): 

Liza-Anastasia DiCecco (McMaster) Grandfield Group https://kgrandfield.mcmaster.ca
"Using Novel Liquid Electron Microscopy Techniques to Explore Collagen Mineralization"

Markus Kurth (Heidelberg) Gräter Group https://www.h-its.org/research/mbm/
"A role for dihydroxyphenylalanine (DOPA) as a marker of mechanical stress and radical scavenger in tendon collagen"
Max Renner-Rao (McGill) Harrington Group https://www.mcgill.ca/chemistry/faculty/matthew-j-harrington
"Directed assembly of liquid crystal tactoids in mussel byssus"

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