Application for a Free Relationship Coaching Session
Hi there! Congratulations on taking your first step toward an empowered relating breakthrough.

In your free 1/2 hour session, I will help you to:

* Get clear on your needs, desires, and wishes for your relationship, and for how you'd like to feel and show up within it
* Bring awareness to what's blocking you from showing up in your full truth, power, and presence
* Identify specific practices and actions that will have you feel both more aligned with your truth, and closer to your partner alike
* Leave with clarity about next steps to opening the door to your empowered relating possibilities

As I only have 3 spaces available in my practice, I am requesting applications for free sessions.

I invite you to respond to the following questions as honestly as possible. As you reflect on these questions, I encourage you to offer compassion for your human needs, relationship aspirations, and fumbling places, too. I will read your replies, and be in touch within the next 24 hours.

I look forward to being of support to you on your empowered relating path.

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#1) How would you love to show up in your intimate relationship(s)? What would it look and feel like?
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#2) Tell me a little about how partnership feels now. In what kinds of moments do you feel the most stuck and/or disempowered?
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#3) What do you sense may be in the way of your relating & communicating more powerfully than you do now?
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#4) If, after meeting, working together feels like a good fit for the relationship support you're looking for, are you ready and willing to invest in coaching to support you? (I meet with clients on a weekly or every-two-weekly basis, and sessions are $120 per 50 minutes. We start with a single session to make sure it's a good fit, and go from there).
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Thank you! I look forward to connecting, and will be in touch within the next 24 hours. ~ Marina
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