ENCOD Small Projects Funding Application Package
In 1993, the European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies (ENCOD) was founded as a European platform of organisations and citizens who wish to end the war on drugs and propose evidence based alternatives. ENCOD promotes peaceful activism aiming to stimulate public debate, communicates with local, national and European parliament members and authorities in order to present concrete alternatives to drug prohibition; and spreads information on the state of drug policy in Europe and the need to reform it.

In June 2012, ENCOD decided to install a fund to support its members to carry out small projects related to the goal of drug policy reform. Members can apply by filling out the present form. Applications can be sent anytime during the year. If funded, a member can apply again after the completion of the project, and the approval of the report. Single project grants will not exceed 500 euro.

About ENCOD small projects funding

1. Projects considered for funding
ENCOD small projects funding is intended to support its members in promoting the debate on drug policy in their country. ENCOD encourages all members to be imaginative and thoughtful when designing projects. The goals, objectives and outcomes of the projects considered for funding should be associated with those of ENCOD.

2. What is not funded?
Funding is not intended to compensate staff or buy supplies for the organisation, pay outstanding bills, or pay off debts or loans.

Selection process - who is eligible for funding
1. Who can apply for funding?
ENCOD members (organisations and individuals) who have an active bank account.

2. When will organisations be notified?
Upon receiving the application organisations will be notified if the application is acceptable, and if any further documentation or information is required. After the final application has been received, approval process can take up to 60 days.

Administrative needs for projects
1. Name and details of organisation, project leader and fiscal person in charge of the financial administration

2. Bank account

3. Names of relevant persons in the organisation (Steering committee of organisation, feed back group)

Amount of funding available for small projects
Max. 500 euro
Length of small projects
Max 1 year
1. Projects requiring 3 months or less, report must be submitted at end date

2. Projects requiring more than 3 months, interim progress reports will be provided every three months and final report at end date

3. Final reporting must include financial and narrative report with overview of project and goals and objectives accomplished

4. Final report must include original invoices of all expenditures and payments made with ENCOD support

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