Removal Requests - NP, DnH & BoS At HDA
Fill out this form if you wish to be considered to be removed from NP or BoS at HDA. Founders will examine all information as well as relevant divisions in HDA with input from all appropriate parties to decide whether you should be removed from NP and/or BoS at HDA. There are a few conditions to this:
You were placed on NP/BoS etc. over 6 months ago
You are not currently working for an agency or organisation that is on HDA's BoS/NP
If you fill out this form honestly, while taking responsibility for your actions in the past, this will be looked upon favourably.

If you meet these conditions please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch in regards to your request.

Filling out this form is just a request to be removed from NP/BoS and still does not mean you will be removed from NP/BoS.
Username *
Discord Username + Numbers *
Roughly, when were you placed on NP/BoS (Month + Year)
What caused you to be placed on NP/BoS in the first place? *
Who placed you on NP/BoS
Why do you want to be removed from NP/BoS? (eg. do you plan to rejoin HDA?)
Are you currently close with anyone in HDA? If so, who?
How has your situation/behaviour changed since you got placed on BoS/NP?
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