NAHS Music Department Registration 2020-2021
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Requirements for Music Major
Students will receive 1 full academic credit and a grade on their report card as a Music Major

1. Roster for Music Major Class
- Freshman (2 days a week)
- Sophomore (3 days a week)
- Junior/Senior (5 periods a week)

2. Take an instrumental or vocal lesson

3. Participate in 1 ensemble
- 2 ensembles for Honors Music Major 3, AP Music, and Music Seminar 5

4. Music Theory III and AP courses have half block and full block options
Requirements for Music Minor
* Students will receive .5 academic credit and a grade on their report card as a Music Minor

1. Take an instrumental or vocal lesson
2. Participate in 1 ensemble

** If a student is a Music Major and takes more than one private lesson and is in more than one ensemble, the student may opt to be a Music Major AND Music Minor.
Private Lessons
1. There will be 12 private lessons per semester.

2. Piano and Voice lessons will be $850 ($35/lesson) per year for a full period lesson.

3. All other instrumental lessons are $600 ($25/lesson) per year for a half period lesson.
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It is possible to roster as Major AND Minor as long as both requirements are fulfilled
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Lesson Fee/Ensemble Fee Policy *
1. Voice or piano lessons are $850 per year. 2. All other instrumental lessons are $600 per year 3. All lesson fees are billed directly through FACTS. 4. By signing up with this form you will be billed for lessons unless you cancel in writing to before June 30, 2020. 5. If cancelling after June 30, 2020 there will be a $50 processing fee. 6. There is a $100 Music Department Ensemble Fee that will be billed through FACTS in September.
Teacher Request
If signing up for lessons, please indicate the teacher with whom you would like to study. Note that we will do our best to honor all requests but it is conditional on student/teacher availability.
Outside teacher
If you are a Music Major or Music Minor and will be taking lessons from a teacher outside of NAHS, please include your teacher's contact information (Name, Phone, Email, Instrument). Outside teachers must agree to send grades by the end of each semester.
Ensemble *
Please check all ensembles you are interested in participating. Please see the handbook for ensemble requirements.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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