2017 Annual IM4US Conference: Overall Evaluation
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Educational Objectives
Identify appropriate integrative medicine treatment strategies for use in underserved and ethnically diverse patient populations.
Evaluate current research involving integrative care for the underserved
Share skills and knowledge in sustainable integrative models in underserved populations.
Compare and contrast appropriate integrative medicine treatment strategies for use in common problems seen in underserved patient populations
Evaluate the indications, benefits, and risks of integrative medicine approaches for underserved populations and select appropriate resources based on patient needs and preferences
Develop innovative best practice models for providing effective integrative healthcare for patients suffering from various health disparities
Identify new health care providers and healers across disciplines that have a commitment to integrative medicine for the underserved.
Build a network of providers who support mutual learning and interdisciplinary clinical practice.
Discuss practical options for helping support patient self-care, self-efficacy and self-management tools.
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