ANALYZYS Business Systems
ZysSTORE Market Survey, June 2019 |
ANALYZYS Business Systems is a Start-Up company offering eCommerce and Internet Systems to Buy and Sell (Products & Services) in an Online Store, Mobiles and in Social Networks; with a secure, encrypted and certified connection; We are making this Market Research to launch our new service to create Online Stores SyzSTORE™
Thank you beforehand for helping us with this survey
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Do you have a Website? *
Do you have an Online Store? *
How often do you update your Website? *
How much do you think is costing you, your Website Design and Development monthly? *
Including: employees’ salaries in this department
Do you accept Online Payments? *
What type of Online Payments do you accept? *
How much percentage do you think is costing you for each Sale, the Money Handling Process? *
Including: Merchant Facility, Online Security, Payment Commissions, Bank Fees, Anti-Fraud, Invoicing, etc...
How much do you think you pay in Web Server Services monthly? *
Including: Domain, Web Hosting, Emails, Web Security, Web Backups, Web Catastrophic Crash Recovery, employees’ salaries, etc...
Will you buy a monthly subscription service that covers Website, Online Store, Web Design, Online Payments, Money Handling & Merchant Facility? *
How do you find a Website / Online Store Designer? *
OPTIONAL: if you like to know more about ANALIZYS Business Systems or to get in touch with us please type your Name and Email Address | We really THANK YOU for your time
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