Set Time Clinics at Vanderbilt Tennis Club - Jan 2024
15 Vanderbilt Ave. (4th fl.), New York, NY 10017 ~ 212-599-6500 ~
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Set-Time Adult clinics on the Main Court  
This group clinic meets on the same day and time each week (see exact dates below)
No more than 6 players per class.
First half of each clinic will include drills and technical instruction while the second half will include doubles games and point play.
Some of the topics covered are:
*Ground Strokes  - forehand and backhand (proper grip, open/close stance, topspin, control and footwork)
*Net-play - Volleys, overheads and lobs (continental grip, net positioning and footwork)
*Serve and return (continental grip, toss, slice/flat/topspin follow-through, positioning for return of serve)
*Doubles Play (positioning, court coverage and strategy)

In addition, you get "practice on your own" sessions to be booked at your convenience in between each clinic. These practice sessions are conducted on our Practice Court (not the full size court), and give you a chance to "do your homework".

MAKE UP POLICY: If you are going to miss a group clinic, please log in to the Tennis In Manhattan app (iOS or Android), so you can cancel your spot. For each group class you cancelled on the app, you will be given an extra practice on your own session at the end of the program.

Please review the exact dates for each class and playing level when selecting a time. Picking a time that works for you, does not guarantee a spot. A confirmation email will be sent once a spot is granted.
Submitting this form does not guarantee a spot in a class
Make sure you add to your contacts as confirmation emails will be sent from this account
First, pick your playing level - be as honest as possible
If you end up in a mismatched class, you will be offered an alternate class within the first 1-2 clinics.
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By now, only the first 2 options are available, ALL other groups are WAITLIST only.
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1. Full payment will be processed once you are assigned to a group, based on your level and availability. You will not be charged if we cannot accommodate one of your choices. 
2. Credit for unused class from other packages may not be used to register for this program. 
3. By checking the box below, you are giving final approval to Vanderbilt Tennis Club to process payment.
4. There are NO REFUNDS for unused classes. 
5. Make up policy: Any clinic you miss will credit you another "practice on your own" session (provided you cancel your spot on the Tennis In Manhattan app)
6. ALL Extra Practice Court sessions will expire on July 1st 2024
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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