GURLS Program Application
IMPORTANT NOTE: Our 2020 GURLS Program will run no matter what. Whether we meet online or in-person, our program will continue this year.

Please complete the following application to enroll in our tuition-free Girls Ultimate Revolution Leadership Series (GURLS) Program. We will be selecting individuals who are in any year of high school to participate in our leadership program, which will run from September - November. Our focus is on selecting a diverse group of contributors. Participants who successfully complete their first year are welcome to build on their skills and continue each year until they graduate high school (all subsequent program years are tuition-free as well).

We highly encourage any femxle athlete from any sport to apply! This is a tuition-free leadership program designed with girlx in mind -- for those who are interested in gaining valuable experience in leadership development, coaching strategies, program development, and conflict resolution in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. We give you the skills, tools, and resources needed to pursue leadership in a multitude of different roles (both on and off the field/court).

*To ensure that our community is inclusive and equitable, we are intentionally using an “x” in femxle, womxn and girlx to include cis, trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming, gender queer and any female-identified individuals.

Please note that incomplete applications will not be accepted. All answers are confidential, and will only be shared with the GURLS Selection Committee. You will receive a copy of your answers in an email, once you have submitted your application. You will also be able to edit your response after you submit.

Application Sections:
1. Email Address
2. Personal Information
3. Demographic Information
4. Household Information
5. Availability & Transportation Needs
6. Program Interest
7. Personal Story

For your personal story, please answer the following questions: What challenges have you faced as an athlete? What do you hope to see change in the near future?

*We highly recommend writing and editing your essay in another platform (Word, Pages, Google Docs etc.) and copying the final product into this application.

APPLICATION DEADLINE Friday, August 14th, 2020.

Our 2020 GURLS Bootcamp will be held either online or in-person on Saturday and Sunday from 10-2pm on the following dates:
September 5th
September 6th
Our in-person Bootcamp will take place in Downtown Oakland (walking distance from 19th & Oakland BART station). Applicants are welcome to attend our Bootcamp as a stand along program, or in addition to our GURLS Program.

Our 2020 GURLS Classroom will be held on Saturdays either online/remote or in Downtown Oakland (accessible by public transportation) depending on local gathering guidelines. Sessions will run from 2-6pm (or for a shorter period of time, if online) on the following dates:
September 19th
October 3rd
October 10th
October 17th
October 24th
October 31st

If you have any questions, or are having difficulty completing this form, please email

For more information about the Girls Ultimate Revolution Leadership Series, please visit:

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