Application to setup a new webcourses module
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We are currently experiencing a very high volume of webcourses related requests and queries. Please bear with us as we work to resolve these as quickly as we can for you.

Solutions to many of the frequently asked queries that are logged to our team have been addressed on our comprehensive support page at Please check this page for a solution before submitting your query to the team.

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NB! Does this module already exist in webcourses?
If the webcourses module you require was taught previously by a colleague, it would be MUCH faster for you if you approached him/her and asked them to enrol you as an instructor on the webcourses module that they used.

This is a simple process and the instructions are available at (you might need to scroll to the end of the page)

If the lecturer currently associated with the module has left DIT, then ask your Head of School / Asst Head of School to complete the "Submit an eLearning query/request for help" form at

Thank you!

Request to set up new module
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