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An OER Master Creator is a student or teacher who creates an OER* based mainly on original content. In this case, an OER is more ambitious than a single lesson plan and usually includes a set of materials, e.g., a set of readings or grammar exercises or even a thematic unit. All OER must carry an appropriate CC license.

*OER are defined here as educational materials and resources with a Creative Commons license.

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The OER digital badge that you can earn by submitting this form is linked to your email address. Please use a permanent, future-proof email address that will stay with you regardless where you are employed or where you live.
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You may consider the following questions: Why did you create these resources? What were your goals? Did you use a specific pedagogical framework or certain standards (ACTFL or otherwise)? What was your process for creating the resources, with whom, and with what tools? What is the final product? If applicable, you may share quotes from students about learning with the materials. *Note: your response will be published on the Language OER Network page
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