Preliminary Signup for Harvest Nation's first indoor, CSA Farm!
Harvest Nation is accepting preliminary signups for customers interested in participating in first CSA pilot indoor aeroponic farm demonstration. There are no fees associated with this. We want to have a list of real potential customers to bring to grant-making agencies to raise funding to afford a three-year demonstration project.

If you are seriously interested in becoming one of our first customers, we invite you to provide us with your Name, Email, Town or Community of residence, and your phone number in the form below. We invite pre-sign ups from individual and family households living on the Iron Range and Bois Forte reservations.

Since this is a pilot program farm, we are keeping initial customers between 20-100 individual & family households. We want to make sure Harvest Nation provides both the highest quality of staple and specialty produce items and the highest level of customer service to our community members. Keeping the farm smaller during the pilot program will make sure our farm delivers the greatest Farm-to-Table experience we can.

Our development team is starting to currently fundraising for this project. At this point in time, we aren't able to realistically offer a date as to when our farm will actually have its initial CSA boxes.

The amount of funding we raise will determine the farm's size and actual number of customers we can serve. Once all of the financing is secured for the pilot farm, you will be contacted through email and/or a phone call to see if you're still interested. Harvest Nation will launch a Crowdfunding campaign to pre-sell subscriptions to its farm. By signing up here, you will be notified of that timeline in advance.

We anticipate it will cost about $55 per week for this subscription produce box where customers will have the choice to pay the years’ subscription upfront, or can submit monthly or bi-weekly payments online. Produce boxes will be available onsite for pickup every 10 days.

*CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Community Supported Agriculture is a method of distributing farm products in a way that forms a partnership between consumers and producers. Consumers purchase a “share” of the farm’s production, paying upfront in the spring and receiving weekly deliveries of the harvest throughout the growing season. For the consumer, this provides them the freshest produce available and a direct connection to the people who grow their food. For the producer, this provides a predictable income and the pleasure of sharing the joys and challenges of farming with supportive customers. It’s a win-win arrangement that enhances community connections.
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