Girls Gone Nile - 17-18th March 2018
It’s time for another Girls Gone Nile weekend, which offers us kayaking ladies the chance to improve our skills and push ourselves that little bit harder without the pressure of having the guys around while having an awesome time hanging out with each other.

We’ll spend Saturday surfing Superhole, where we can work on our surfing and rolling skills in a more protected environment. You should have taken at least 3 lessons with KTN and have some basic rolling skills to come to Superhole.
On Sunday, we’ll be doing a river run where we’ll be going down all the big stuff and spend some time at Nile Special at the end. For this you should have done at least one river run before.

The ladies that aren’t good enough yet can organise a lesson with KTN.

We’ll be camping at the famous Land right by Superhole on Saturday night, cook our own food and enjoy some drinks around the fire.

Anyone not into kayaking, or not quite good enough yet can join us for the social side and enjoy hanging out at the Land.

If you dont have your own camping year, see whether you can share a tent with someone or post on the MCU facebook page whether you can borrow the equipment. The same goes for rides to Jinja, if you have rides to offer or need a ride, please post on the MCU facebook page.

We’ll be sending an email with the rest of the info on the 14th March, in the meantime if you have any questions please contact

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