Award 2
"Exemplary Transition Program for Middle Years Students"

The transition from primary schooling to secondary schooling is one which requires educators to consider the varied and unique needs of young adolescents. Many schools make a conscious decision to develop programs which ease the transition in learning processes and structures. This award celebrates the best of these programs. Nominees will demonstrate (through research/anecdotal evidence how their transition program is making a positive impact on the lives of young adolescents.

The transition program:
* values building relationships with young adolescents
* is student centred
* adds value to the education, development and growth of young adolescents
* provides smooth pathways from primary to secondary education
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Applicants Statement: A thorough explanation of the transition program a complete outline of the programs structure and intent as well as anecdotal or survey material regarding the effectiveness of your transition program. Where relevant reference should be made to your pedagogical processes and practices that are seen to enhance the educational and life experiences of young adolescents through your transitional program.
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Visual Presentation. A maximum 4 minute video (optional) may be included. Please provide a link to dropbox (or similar) where this video is stored.
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