Ambassador Agreement
Once received this form will trigger the MCYM team to send the ambassador a unique discount code to use, that will be the start of the 90 day agreement.
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I agree that once this form is received along with an order for at least one yoga mat through the MCYM website, I will receive a 15% off discount code via email. This email's date will be the start of this 90 day agreement: *
I understand that I will receive payment from Magic Carpet Yoga Mats for 10% of the net sales (excluding taxes, shipping, and discounts) made with the ambassadors unique discount code only once the 90 day agreement has ended. *
I consent to allowing Magic Carpet Yoga Mats to use any photos, videos, or other media I share with the company at its discretion, without compensation or licensing. *
This agreement is governed by California law and is binding upon all of the parties' successors and assigns. *
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