Catalyst Demo Team Agent Application
Thank you for your interest in joining the Catalyst Demo Team!

To get you started, read the below Mission Statement and Vision of the Catalyst Demo Team

Mission Statement of the Catalyst Demo Team
To muster a network of enthusiastic volunteers in support of Catalyst Game Labs (CGL) products (ex: Battletech, Shadowrun, Casual Games)

Vision of the Catalyst Demo Team
Part 1: The Catalyst Demo Team promotes product awareness through in-store demonstrations, game convention support, and a vocal online presence.
Part 2: To create a community of people who love Catalyst Game Labs products and want to support each other in creating the best gaming experience for game masters (agents) and players of these games alike.

Agents coordinate and plan their own events at local stores and conventions
Agents run official global events as they come up
Agents volunteer to run events planned through the demo team manager at tier 1 conventions (ex: Gencon, Origins)
Agents are a part of the online CGL game community through answering questions or just participating in product forums (ex:

More plainly put: Our program is volunteer based. You run games and you get access to some pdf resources for your time. Very occasionally there are other opportunities for stuff and/or to contribute to the games via play tests etc. So, if you are going to be running games anyway and are just a big fan of Catalyst Game Labs games, then the demo team is a fun opportunity to be "official" in your games, a part of a community of similarly interested people, and a little more in the know of what is going on behind the scenes. If you are really more hoping to get free stuff for yourself and/or players via running games, then the demo team will be disappointing. At this time there just isn’t that much tangible promotional material available to the demo team to be given out.

If this seems like an organization you want to be a part, please read the Catalyst Demo Team Operations Guide. This document contains all information about being an agent and is the current operations guide current agents adhere to. Do note, the links in the document to additional resources will not work until you are accepted into the program.

Additionally, communication from the Catalyst Demo Team will be sent in English only. Although the team will work with programs like Google Translate to bridge language barriers as much as possible, English is the primary language used.

If after reviewing the operations guide you still want to be a part of the Catalyst Demo Team please fill out the application below.

Do note that this form is a 3 phase application so make sure to keep completing the application until you get the submission notification.

All submissions become the property of Catalyst Game Labs LLC and will not be returned to the author. If they’re really good, we may use them as “Official” Demo Scenarios, giving the author full credit.

Applications may take up to a month to be processed (typically these are processed at the beginning of the month so if you apply just after this you will likely wait almost an entire month for your application to be processed).

If you have any questions about this application or the program, please email us at: 
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First Name *
Last Name *
Forum Nickname/Callsign *
This is usually your Shadowrun/Battletech Forums handle or whatever name you usually use online. However, it must be family friendly in all languages (ex: no swears, references to drugs/alcohol/reproductive organs even if it is not in English... we have team members & players around the world who speak a wide variety of languages).
E-mail Address *
This is used for correspondence so make sure it is an address you check fairly regularly. Gmail (or Google managed) addresses are preferred.
Date of Birth *
Applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application.
Location *
City and State/Province (and country if outside of the USA), Zip Code
How did you hear about the CDT?
Referring Agent
If you were referred to the program by another agent (this is not required)
Convention Applicant
If you volunteered as part of the Demo Team at a convention as part of your application please indicate which convention here.
How many years have you been playing games? *
What other non-CGL game systems do you currently play? *
What other game systems do you currently GM? *
We are not exclusive. Most of our agents also GM other games and some even do so for other companies as well. Knowing what other systems agents are running just helps us assess our strengths and weaknesses as a team. Please make sure to indicate if you are a GM in any other formal GM organization.
How many conventions do you attend per year? *
It is not required that you attend conventions to be a part of our team. Many agents only do demo at their local stores. However, a big purpose of the CDT for CGL is to bring games to conventions and to bring in new players to games which is often done very well at conventions. So, attendance at conventions is encouraged. Any convention where there is organized game play (of games like Shadowrun, Battletech, and Dragonfire) can be counted.
Have you run games at any of the following cons?
Have you ever been a member of the demo team before? *
This includes having been a member anytime in Battletech/Shadowrun history, going all the way back to the original team under FASA.
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