Gallery in the Pines: LoF Art Hub 2016
Gallery in the Pines is a participatory art installation that will take over the Art Hub pines near the entrance to Lakes of Fire 2016. Gallery in the Pines will transform the pine forest into an enchanted forest of light and multimedia art.

The goal is to create several interactive “rooms” in the pine forest, each delineated by light and artwork, to create the effect of wandering through an unexpected art gallery, from one room to the next. Gallery in the Pines will feature art made by LoF 2016 participants, with a focus on art that is not usually seen at burns: framed paintings, photographs, sculpture, writing, short stories, art books, etc. We are open to your ideas, and look forward to what you come up with!

For more info, check out the Call for Art here:

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What type of art are you bringing? Any and every thing will be considered. Very interested in art no usually seen at burns, like paintings, photographs, sculpture, writing, novels, art books - only limited by your imagination!
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Please consider how your piece would best be displayed. There will be some help available, but please try to be self-reliant in your display.
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