Request for information from organisations in the non-centre-based ECD sector
In line with the National Development Plan vision of achieving universal access to quality ECD services by 2030, government is looking at different approaches to expanding different types of ECD programmes. The Department of Social Development (DSD) would like to get an idea of the current provision and potential for expansion of non-centre based ECD programmes across the country.

Your participation in a short survey to this end is therefore kindly requested and will assist the department to establish and unlock the potential to expand access to quality ECD services through non-centre-based programmes.

Your responses are relevant whether your organisation directly provides non-centre-based ECD programmes or supports other entities or individuals to do so. Support may include, for example, training, coaching/mentoring, providing a package of materials/equipment along with training/programme support, quality assurance, etc.

Please share this survey (by forwarding the email) with other organisations operating in the ECD space so that we are able to gather as much information on the sector as possible.

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Which province(s) do you currently operate in?
Which municipalities do you operate in?
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Does your organisation directly provide ECD programmes or support other providers?
If your organisation supports other providers, what type of support is provided?
For each type of support selected above, please briefly describe the dosage of the support provided? (i.e. how often and for how long are contact sessions?)
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Type(s) of ECD programme supported
How many ECD programmes does your organisation support in a year?
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Type(s) of ECD programme directly provided
Is the programme(s) registered with the DSD?
For each type of programme selected above, please describe the dosage and frequency of the programme(s) provided (i.e. how many times a week do children attend, and for how long?)
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Please provide a brief breakdown of the current size and structure of the organisation’s staff providingng that service (e.g. mentors, trainers, ECD practitioners or facilitators)
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Please describe the level of qualifications/ training of ECD practitioners/ facilitators.
Given your current capacity, what is the total number of children that your organisation is able to reach in a year (via direct programmes or programme support)?
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By 2030, what is the estimated target number of children that your organisation will be able to reach in a year?
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Are you able to expand beyond your current geographic area?
In your view, what are the main barriers to the expansion of quality non-centre-based ECD services in the communities you serve?
What would you need to be able to double your programme’s reach by 2030?
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For you to double your reach by 2030, what support do you need from government?
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Are you able to provide/ support other types of NCB services?
What is needed to grow the supply/ provision of quality NCB services over the next 10 years?
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