Cornhole Tournament Registration
Hi--thank you for registering for the Ss. Cyril and Methodius Parish Festival Cornhole Tournament! We look forward to seeing you! We will run two tournaments--one on Saturday, August 25th, @ 1:30 p.m., and a second tournament on Sunday, August 26th, @ 3:30 p.m. After filling out this form, please complete your registration by bringing your payment to the tournament if you have not already paid.

The cost is $10 per team per tournament. Thank You!

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Cornhole Tournament Example
Cornhole 101
Church Festival
Tournament Rules
--Tournament structured bracket-style--with 1st-round match-ups chosen at random
--2-player teams play head-to-head against other 2-player teams
--4 games will be running at a time
--Each player has 4 bags to throw--teams take turns throwing bags---i.e. player A from team 1 throws once, then player A from team 2 throws once, and so on, until all bags are thrown. Then play switches to other 2 players
--1 point for a bag that remains on the board at the end of the round; 3 points for a bag in the hole.
--Cancellation scoring takes place--i.e. if team A scores 5 points, and team B scores 4 points, team A is awarded 1 point toward their total score.
--The first team to 21 points or more wins.
Cornhole Rules/Tips
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