2018-2019 Science Olympiad Student Sign-up!
Please fill out the following sign up form together (Parents and Student) to enroll in Science Olympiad. Students must currently attend Lakeshore, White Pines, or Grand Haven HS to participate on the Grand Haven Science Olympiad Teams. If you are in 6th Grade or 7th Grade you will be joining the White Pines Team. If you are a 9th Grade, 8th Grade or are a 7th Grade student that did not attend White Pines you will be joining the Lakeshore Team.
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Grade *
If you are a 7th Grader, Did you attend White Pines in 6th Grade?
Any 7th Grader that did not attend White Pines will try out for the Lakeshore Team.
If you are a 9th Grader, Did you attend Lakeshore in 7th or 8th Grade?
Any 9th Grader that has not attended Lakeshore may not compete for Lakeshore and should instead try out for the HS Team.
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Important information will be sent to parents via email as well as posted on the team website weekly. If more than one email, seperate with a comma. Type None if none.
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Student email would be used by event coaches to send information.
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In case of an emergency what is the best way to get a hold of a parent? Cell Phone Number, Home Number, Work Number, etc. Please indicate Parent Name and Phone Number
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Emergency Contact Non-Parent *
In case we are not able to gain contact with a parent, who else may we contact with information about your son/daughter? Please indicate Name and Phone Number
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Is the participant currently being treated for a noteworthy condition? *
Please let us know any important medical information here. If none type N/A
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Does the participant have any Allergies? *
Please list any allergies and note severity of the allergies. If none type N/A.
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Has the participant been diagnosed with Asthma? *
Important for events involving dust and fine airborne particles.
What event or events will you like to practice? *
See Participation Guidelines for Help
If you have selected a techy event, which would be your first choice?
If you have selected a techy event, which would be your second choice?
If you have selected a techy event, which would be your third choice?
Is there anything else that the coaches should be aware of as your child participates in Science Olympiad this year?
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