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Each 10x10; space will contain one 6x9; table and 2 chairs; other than that, it’s your blank space. Please stay within your allotted space and go no higher than 16 feet high. If you need more tables or chairs, let us know below (we can always add more later!
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PLY Away uses a loading dock for vendors and we try to adhere to a schedule that we make based on what works for everyone. Some vendors have light loads and prefer to carry it in themselves on luggage carts from the front doors. Which are you?
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Vendor details and terms
If you have not vended at PLY Away previously, please email up to 3 photos of products and/or previous booths you’ve vended to If you’ve vended at PLY Away before, this is not at all necessary.

The total above is subject to change based on space availability. A vendor contract will be sent with final total.

Each vendor will have one link on the PLY Away website and in the retreat program.

Eligibility: PLY Magazine and its representatives have the sole right to jury and curate the PLY Away market, and their decisions are final. They will also assign vendor space and reserve the right to make changes if needed.

Setup/breakdown: Vendors must complete setup and breakdown of the marketplace in the time allotted and in compliance with the dock schedule which will be provided. Help will be given when possible, but setup and breakdown are the responsibility of the vendor. Failure to arrive or set up does not waive liability to full fee for the vending space. Vendor must remain set up and open for all the hours of the marketplace. Vendor must remove all trash by end of break-down time.

Refunds: Any vendor that cancels for any reason is entitled to a full refund IF the cancellation is prior to January 1st. If PLY Away is cancelled, vendors will receive full refunds.

Liability: Vendor is liable for any damage caused to facility building, floors, walls, or other property. Vendor’s property must be within control of vendor or vendor’s agents at all times and neither PLY Away event, PLY Magazine, or the facility can be held responsible for damage, theft, or loss of vendor property. Vendor acknowledges that PLY Away, PLY Magazine, and its agents do not maintain insurance covering personal injury, damage, destruction, or loss of property for vendors. It’s the sole responsibility of the vendor to obtain general liability insurance. Vendor assumes responsibility for compliance with all event rules and ordinances, local, state, and federal, concerning fire, safety, health, and business licenses and permits needed to vend at the event.

Shipping: All shipping must be arranged between vendor and facility.

Vending hours (as they stand now are): Set up Wednesday from 10am-thursday at noon. Marketplace hours noon-7 Thursday and Friday, and 8am-3pm on Saturday. Break down is 3pm Saturday to 7am Sunday. These hours might be slightly adjusted as the event gets closer.

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