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Global X Connect is a promotion & consultancy agency in Ibiza. Ibiza is one of the hottest travel destinations with the most exciting nightlife of Spain. We optimise the holiday experience by connecting our clients with our specialised services. For more info check www.gxcibiza.com

Check out our open jobs positions:

--- Photographers ---
Eye for detail and capable of making amazing photo's? Then you could join the team as a photographer. We are looking for a couple of photographers who feel comfortable with approaching people and shooting cool holiday photo's. While we are looking for high quality photo's we also need the numbers (enough photo's per day). Ready to join our online marketing team and have your own camera? Then apply now.

--- Growth hacker (SEO, SEA, online sales, traffic growth, social media etc.)
As a growth hacker you will make sure our online activities will skyrocket. Together with the online marketing team, which you will lead towards the right direction, you will create content, strategies and improvements to boost our numbers such as traffic website, online sales, followers social media and others. Do you think you can create a strong online presence? Then we are looking for you.

--- Graphic designer & animator 
As a graphic designer & animator you will make content for various purposes. You will give our company, activities and promotions a face people will love. Ready to create great content people will love and share with there friends? Then we are looking for you. 

Wordpress developer 
You will update and improve our website based on actual results. Main goal is to optimise our website for an increase in traffic, good user experience and high conversion ratio to boost the online sales. Via your activities people will have a great online experience. 

--- Blogger
Good with words? Then you can join as a blogger to write about various topics in Ibiza including music, clubs, parties, boat parties, restaurant and many more. Main goal? Making sure everyone will read and love your blog to reach a large audience globally. 

--- Vlogger
Are you are real presenter? Can you talk about various topics and engage your viewers? Then we are looking for you. As a vlogger you will visit many place in Ibiza and talk about these things with many people. Do you now how to create a large follower base online? Do you have your own camera, can you edit and publish video’s to get a large audience? Then apply now. 

--- Video producer (filming + editing)
You will shoot various promotion video’s yourself and/or in collaboration with the team, make sure to edit them well and finally publish them. Main goal is to create video’s that make an impact. Got your own camera? Can you film and edit yourself? Then apply now. 

We will offer (we also offer custom reward packages based on the match):
- Free hotspot accommodation (1 min walk to the beach, big terrace and in city centre Playa Den Bossa)

- Guest list clubs (free entrance) + discount parties

- €50 - €250 monthly spending money
- Free pick up airport 

- Fun team events

- International experience and recommendation letter

- Meeting new people and friends from all over the world

- €0,25 - €1,50 sales commission for every boat-party and pre-party sold online
- 30- 48 hours per week 

What you have to arrange yourself

- Flight

- Food
- Be financially healthy

- Be ready for an amazing summer :) 


- Good English communication skills

- At least 8 weeks available 

- 3+ years experience 

- 40 hours per week

Ready for an amazing adventure in Ibiza? Then apply now.

We are looking forward to meet you :)
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