Hikmat Leaders Application 

Take your time while filling this application form. 

You need around 40 – 60 min.

One of the optional questions requires you to add a video (YouTube link, or a google drive link) to elaborate more on whatever you want. Make sure you have the link ready before you start your application. 

The program is 4 months, physically you will attend workshops on Saturdays, and on Zoom every Tuesday afternoon.

Please note that after you complete your application, you will receive an email from h_l@hikmatleaders.org to fill Scenario Based Assessment.

Good Luck!

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The program requires reading and analysis in English, how do you rate your English skills in reading: *
Have you taken any English test such as IELTS , TOEFL,... (if yes please tell us what exam and your score) *
The program is around 4 months, can you commit to it? *
Do you have the time to attend Hikmat Leaders weekly sessions on Saturday  (4 Hours)? *
Do you have the time to attend  Hikmat Leaders  weekly sessions on Tuesday (Afternoon)? usually after 6pm for 2 hours *
Do you have the time the during the month of Dec. to prepare for the program? (to put around 20 hours in total) *
Have you done any voluntary work? (if yes, please tell us more about it: list the name of the organization, the period you worked from/to, your role, etc.) *
Are you a member of Nahno? (www.nahno.org) *
Did you enroll in any leadership programs during your university years? (if Yes, please provide us with the name of the program, duration, etc.) *
Did you do any public speaking? (if yes please elaborate and tell us to whom, when, number of audience, etc.) *
Did you supervise a team? (if yes, when was that, how many people were under your supervision, etc.) *
Did you develop a project plan? (if yes, elaborate and tell us if you were able to meet the deadlines, and the challenges you faced) *
What motivates you? *
Tell us about initiatives that you have under taken? *
When was the last time you stretched yourself to the limit and what was it? *
What do you care about deeply? *
What you hope to explore at our program? *
What was the most difficult decision you made? *
What and when was the incident where you felt that you failed? and what you have learnt from it. *
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