NZIHF Youth Skill Development Regional Camp Program
New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation

The coaching and management staff are pleased to announce the continuation of the four weekend-long regional development camps to be held during terms three and four of 2019. These will be followed by a week-long National U16 Development camp in January 2020. These camps are designed for and intended to reach all male and female age eligible players from all our regions and clubs.
NZIHF Regional Skill Camps

The NZIHF National Player Development Regional Camps are designed for players males and females born from 2002 to 2006 with multiple levels of experience.

In the NZIHF, our key focus is to help develop all players across all age groups. We want more kids in skates but more importantly, we want to keep them in skates.

We will be testing every player at each camp, with the aim to give players a benchmark of what key skills they need to focus more on to further their individual development. Overtime, we can use the testing to give coaches data they can use to modify their on and off ice coaching sessions.

Regional Camps Dates
Auckland (Avondale) Oct 25 - 28th
Queenstown Nov 1 - 3rd
Christchurch Nov 15 - 17th
Dunedin Nov 22- 24th

Our aim is to provide the New Zealand’s top young players a FUN and age-appropriate on and off-ice training, which is accompanied by coaching from top-level New Zealand instructors.
These camps give players the opportunity to compete against their peers from throughout the country.
The trainings in the camp will be based on Hockey USA and the Leslie Brothers use of small area skills and station work.

How it works:
Players will be placed in smaller groups of 6-8 players based on their experience
On and Off ice basic testing, which is based off of Hockey Canada's National testing program
On ice skills (based on station work) for five to six sessions during the camp, with a maximum of two per day
One off-ice testing - including push ups, 5m puck shuttle, plank and standing jump
The ever so popular ‘video’ sessions
Goalie specific training sessions during general on-ice sessions
Through these regional camps, players will gain the opportunity to get to know coaches who are involved in various NZ National Team programs.

Please keep in mind that we as the coaches reserve the right to place players in the group that best meets the needs of the player and the camp.

The camps are designed so that players will return home with the necessary tools and knowledge to further develop their skills over the course of the coming season and hockey careers.

Each regional 2 ½ day Camp will cost $130 per camp and the Auckland 3 ½ day camp costs $150

What Do we do at Camp?
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