Family Guy Addicts Halloween & Bitch Poll
Did You Unlock Bitch Stewie in the Allotted Time?
Did You Purchase Bitch Brian?
Did You Purchase a Second Clone Machine?
Overall How Would You Rate the Bitch Event?
Hated It
Loved It
During Halloween, Did You Unlock All Of the Ghostbuster Characters?
Did You Purchase, or Already Have, Cleveland & Unlock His Ghostbuster Costume?
Did You Complete All of the Challenges and Earn Ecto 1?
Did You Successfully Unlock Dianne?
Did You Successfully Unlock Francis Griffin?
Did You Craft Mr. Weed?
Did You Craft Duck Stewie?
Did You Craft Witch Connie?
Did You Get Freddy?
Did You Purchase Any of the Premium Characters Offered?
Which Premium Characters Did Your Purchase?
Check ALL That Apply
Which Add-On To Earn Vials Was Your MOST Favorite?
Which Add-On To Earn Vials Was Your LEAST Favorite?
Did You Craft ALL Of The Prizes and Earn Slimer?
Did You Take Your Chances On Any of the Premium Mystery Boxes?
Did You Take Advantage of the Rupert Mystery Box?
It was the one that cost Vials
Did You Have Any Vials Left Over?
Overall How Would You Rate the Halloween Event?
Hated It, Worst Event Yet!
Loved It, Best Event Yet!
Anything Else You'd Like to Tell TinyCo?
Remember...Keep it Respectful
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