Summer Accountability Partners Matching
We're back for the summer! If you haven't had the opportunity to be matched with an accountability partner for spring semester, we are launching another round for matching pairs this summer.

We are Duke students who want to find creative ways to continue Duke virtually. To address the challenge of being motivated during this time away from Duke’s campus, we want to help students stay on top of their school work & extracurricular activities!

First, we will match students (either self-selected or randomized) to an accountability partner using this google form. Then, we will provide the partners with a template that includes targeted messaging to fill out assignments, goals, deadlines, etc. on a week-by-week basis.

P.S. By filling out this short survey and using this service, you assume responsibility for your interactions with other users. We cannot be held liable for any potential damages arising from the conduct of any user or due to this service.

Here’s to being motivated! Go Duke!

With questions and concerns, please reach out to Margaret Gaw ( T’22, and Catherine McMillan ( T’22
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