Lindy Hop - Re:connection, Charleston, Intro to Lindy Hop, Intro to Authentic Jazz, Swing Stage

Due to the current Covid 19 advisories, we with very limited space available for each course, and you have to sign up as a couple - it doesn't have to be a guy and a girl, but one must be a lead and one a follow (different roles in the partnership) and we do not rotate partners. We will also be dancing with masks on, and socially distanced due to the current advisory from the authorities.

Do sign up and confirm your place with payment before the course is fully subscribed! If you don't have a partner, reach out to us and we can see if we can find a match for you, but we highly encourage you find someone you're comfortable with working together for these courses!


1. Intermediate-Advanced Lindy Hop (Tues) - on going (limited spaces)
2. Intermediate Lindy Hop (Wed) - on going (limited spaces)
3. Intro to Lindy Hop (Fri) - on going (full)
4. Beginner-Intermediate Solo Jazz (Fri) - on going (full)
5. Intro to Authentic Jazz (Mon) - starts 1 Feb
6. Swing Stage (Tues) - starts 2 Feb

Course details:

1. Intermediate-Advanced Lindy Hop: Reconnection
Tuesdays, 8-930pm, starts 5 Jan, $320/couple (4 classes)
Teadent Studio (21 Kreta Ayer Road)

In this course, we will rediscover and reconnect with our partner dancing skills as we go through all the different aspects regarding connection, lead and follow technique, as well as getting back into the groove with a partner to the music. We will also be working on some partnered solo jazz movements along with contactless partnered exercises as a response also to the current advisories. You must be comfortable with the 8 count, 6 count and 1930s Charleston rhythms and basic patterns to join this series

2. Intermediate Lindy Hop: Charlestons
Wednesdays, 8-930pm, starts 6 Jan, $320/couple (4 classes)
Teadent Studio (21 Kreta Ayer Road)

In this course, the focus will be learning Charleston based steps to go along with your 8 count and 6 count rhythm movements, and get comfortable switching between them, and dancing to faster music! We will also work on some footwork variations for these steps!

You must have some knowledge of the 8 count, 6 count and 1930s Charleston rhythms

3. Introduction to Lindy Hop
Fridays, 730-9pm, starts 26 Feb, $450/per couple (6 classes)
Teadent Studio (21 Kreta Ayer Road)

In this course, you will learn the basics of this jazz partner dance, which includes the 6 count and 8 count rhythms as well as the 1930s charleston. You will learn some common patterns as well as the ability to communicate with your partner without words, all to swingin jazz tunes, and it is guaranteed a workout! No experience needed!

4. Balboa Fundamentals and Practice session
Mondays, 730-930pm (11 and 25 Jan), $200/couple for both sessions, $110/couple for one
LifeSpark Studio (1a Aliwal Street)

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of this less well known but very fun partner jazz dance both in it’s “pure bal” form (in closed hold) on the 11 Jan, and in the “bal-swing” (in “throw-out” open connection) form on 25 Jan. Balboa is often known for dancing to faster music, but that’s not always true, as slow Bal really allows for the partners to connect and focus on leading and following with the body. No experience needed!

5. Introduction to Authentic Jazz Dancing and Charlestons
Mondays, 730-9pm, 4 weeks (starts 1 Feb): $140/person

In this course, you will be introduced to the "hip hop" of the 1920s and 30s, where you will learn authentic jazz steps as well as the Charlestons which were all the rage in the Jazz Age. Learn not just the dance moves but how to dance meaningfully to jazz music. No experience needed!

6. Swing Stage
Tuesdays, 8-930pm, 6 weeks (starts 2 Feb), $240/person
Teadent Studio (21 Kreta Ayer Rd)

The objective of Swing Stage is to provide a space for dancers to work towards a specific goal culminating in a virtual performance. The idea is not to produce a polished product but to provide a platform and opportunity to work towards a specific objective and learning things while having fun along the way.

The framework of the choreography in the performance will be provided, and students will be guided to include elements of their own to add to the choreography. Through the process, students will learn key elements of authentic jazz dancing, both in partner and solo forms, as well as how choreography comes together with the music.

The course will be guided by international jazz educator and founder of Jazz Inc, Sinclair Ang, who has over 20 years of experience, including working with street dancers to create new approaches to authentic jazz and music (see Freedom Jazz Dance Project section).

You should be comfortable doing Lindy Hop and have some knowledge of Authentic Solo Jazz to join this course. You should sign up with a partner (or we can help you find a partner), and spaces are limited.


We would like to continue creating awesome dance experiences for everyone and are doing everything we can to ensure that you have peace of mind while attending classes with us. This would include:

- Safe Entry for contact tracing
- the use of the Trace Together app
- temperature taking/hand sanitising procedures
- ensuring the studios we utilise adhere to high standards of sanitisation
- proper distancing measures

We thank you for your continued generosity and support throughout this period, as we continue our work to promote the Jazz arts, culture, history, and values.

Thanks and keep safe! Swing by!

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