Conversations on Sustainable Singapore
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Nature Society (Singapore) (, SMU verts (, and Green Future Solutions ( are co-organising 3 conversations on specific topics for a Sustainable Singapore, in order to generate constructive and specific suggestions that would be submitted for the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint review.

1) Background

The first “Our SG Conversation for the Green Community” was held in Jan 2013, and was initiated by Faizah Jamal, Nominated Member of Parliament (Environment and Heritage) People and Civic Sector, and Green Future Solutions. The diverse views of the green community, which included environmental NGOs and groups; individual environment, animal and wildlife activists; and environmental businesses, associations and research academics, added an important voice to the overall national “Our SG Conversation”.

After the conversation, there was feedback that the conversation format was useful in seeking and discussing views and issues, and that there should be more conversations focusing on specific environmental issues and to open them to the public. Subsequently, the second “Our Singapore Conversation on Green Spaces” was organised by Nature Society (Singapore) and Young NTUC in Nov 2013 to focus on green spaces and their importance and conservation.

2) Objective

The review of the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint (published in 2009) is being conducted this year by the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources (MEWR).

We hope to organise more conversations on specific topics for a sustainable Singapore, as a follow-up to the first and second green conversations. More importantly, the objective of these Conversations on Sustainable Singapore is to generate constructive and specific suggestions, which would be submitted for the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint review.

3) Topics, Date and Venue

The Conversations on Sustainable Singapore will be held over 3 sessions:

Energy and Climate Change (energy efficiency, clean energy, and climate change)
26 Apr 2014, Sat (0830 - 1300)

Waste and the 3Rs (waste management, reduce, reuse, and recycle)
4 May 2014, Sun (0830 - 1300)

Food Security (food supply and food waste)
24 May 2014, Sat (0830 - 1300)

Venue: SMU Administration Building, Level 6 University Lounge, Singapore Management University, 81 Victoria Street, Singapore 188065 (see map at

4) Format

A 1-2 page summary on the topic and reading materials will be sent to the participants before the session. We recommend that you read up on the topic and come prepared with suggestions for the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint review, so that the session would be more productive.

We are opening up 50 seats to the public for each session. The 50 participants would be divided into 5 small groups of 10 people each, and each group would have a facilitator and a scribe.

The small group discussions would first focus on these questions:
- What are your personal thoughts and stories on this topic?
- What are the positive or negative things that you see on this topic?

Next, there will be 1-2 experts sharing more about the topics.

After a break, the small groups would focus on the next set of questions:
- How can Singapore do better on this topic? Give SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound) suggestions on policies, programmes, initiatives or campaigns.
- How can the public, private and people sectors work together to plan and implement these suggestions?

Next, the small groups would come together to form a big group, and each small group representative would share 3-5 top suggestions. This is followed by a big group discussion on what has been said and what can be done.

After the conversations, the discussions and suggestions would be compiled into a report and sent as inputs for the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint review, and also to the relevant government agencies for their reference and action.

5) Programme

The tentative programme for each session is as follows:

0830 - Registration
0900 - Welcome and Introduction
0915 - Small Group Discussions (What)
0945 - Topic Presentation by Experts
1015 - Break and Networking (refreshments will be served)
1045 - Small Group Discussions (How)
1145 - Small Group Presentations to Big Group
1215 - Big Group Discussion
1245 - Closing Remarks
1300 - End

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