Society of Supernatural
Date: Saturday, June 16
Location: The Wheeling Island Casino and Racetrack
1 S. Stone St., Wheeling, WVa 26003
Event Time: Saturday 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Set-Up Time: Saturday 8 AM to 10:30 AM (vendors must be ready to go by 10:45 AM)
Tear-Down Time: 6:00 PM. Please do not tear down early without speaking with either Kristin, Dani, or Julia.

8 foot tables and coverings are provided by the casino. Spaces with electric are limited to one side of the event space. If electric is needed please let Julia know asap.

Application and payment are due by June 8th, 2018. Spaces will not be held if payment is not received. Payment may be made via PayPal to Kristin at: (please use friends and family option) or by check payable to Julia Wallace at PO Box 57, Shreve, OH 44676

If you have questions, please contact Julia at: or 724-994-6597

Vending fees will not be refunded.

The Bellaire House Tours, Inc. and the Society of Supernatural reserve the right to limit and cap vending categories to ensure that all vendors have a successful day. We will have a wait list if your category is full.

Please fill out, print or scan, and mail or email back your application!

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Sponsorship Packages (deadline for artwork has passed, but you can still select a sponsorship package if you'd like):
Held Harmless Agreement:
The Contractor/vendor/participant shall indemnify and hold harmless The Bellaire House Tours, LLC, Society of Supernatural, Wheeling Island Casino and Racetrack, and all sponsors, groups, their employees, volunteers, agents and servants from any losses, penalties, damages, settlements, costs, charges, professional fees (including attorney fees) or their expenses or liabilities including the investigation and defense of any claims, arising out of or resulting from the performance of the contractor/vendor’s work or the completed operations provided that any such claim, damage, loss, or expense (a) is attributable to bodily injury, sickness, disease, or death, or to injury to or destruction of tangible property including the loss of the use resulting in their form and (b) is caused in whole or in part by any negligent act or omission of the contractor/vendor, or anyone directly or indirectly employed by them or anyone for whose acts they may be liable (including claim by an employee of the contractor/vendor) regardless of whether it is caused in part by a party indemnified hereunder. In any and all claims against The Bellaire House Tours, LLC, Society of Supernatural, Wheeling Island Casino and Racetrack, and all sponsors or groups involved, their employees, agents, and servants by any employees of the contractor/vendor, any directly employed by them or anyone for whose acts they may be liable, the indemnification obligation under this Agreement shall not be limited in any way by any limitation on the amount or type of damages, compensation or benefits payable by or for the contractor/vendor under the Worker’s Compensation Acts, disability benefits acts, or employee benefit acts. This agreement must be signed by all vendors and their partners/employees/volunteers/agents and servants.
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Reader and Healer Agreement (All readers and Healers must agree to this):
The purpose of the Readers & Healers who are participating in this event is to offer services which provide guidance, consultation and healing to attendees seeking these services. The purpose of this agreement is to set forth the collective intent of all readers & healers to create and maintain a safe space for all participants of this event. Each Reader and Healer agrees: 1) to remain positive or neutral regarding the other readers and healers participating in this event. This refers specifically to not speaking negatively or derogatorily about your fellow readers and healers to other readers, healers, and especially participants; 2) to refrain from interfering with participants who have elected to have a reading or healing with a reader or healer other than yourself (i.e. attempting to recruit them for an additional reading or service); 3) to refrain from attempting to coerce participants away from other readers or healers; 4) to refrain from interfering with other reader or healer belongings including but not limited to biographies, photographs, promotional materials, etc. Each reader and healer acknowledges their agreement with the following guidelines by their signature on this form and fully understands that breaking the agreement may lead to action being taken against them by the event organizers. This action may include: a warning to stop behaviors, removal from the venue and/or refusal of participation in future events. Should you be asked to leave an event, any table or space fees are considered non-refundable.
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