Cheerleading Try-out Information Questionnaire

I am so excited to welcome you to this years tryouts!

Cheerleading is a very fulfilling and exciting. It is also a very demanding and challenging sport. You need to be physically fit, dedicated and determined. Being a Umatilla Middle School Cheerleader will require a huge time commitment for after-school activities. I promise you will love every minute of it.

Making it on to the UMS squad is an honor and a privilege. The cheerleading candidates are judged not simply on their cheering skill, athletic ability and team spirit, but on their academics, teacher recommendations, school attendance, classroom conduct, ability to work with others, and personal commitment statements. I expect a lot from all of the cheerleaders. like I said before, it takes a huge time commitment. If you play another sport, or are involved in other demanding activities, you may not have the time it takes to give this squad your best: and that is what will be expect - Your Best!
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