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Ordering Info (***Important!***)
PLEASE READ THIS FIRST. This is the order of how I process commissions.

1. After you fill out this order request, I will contact you to go over details before the order is completed. Please DO NOT send any payment until I approve your commission. If you'd like multiple commissions, please fill out another form.

2. Almost any kind of character is fine with me - my characters, your characters (OCs), fan art, portraits of people. I will draw nudity (OF ADULTS). However, I will NOT do anything that goes against my morals. Use your best judgement when ordering. Also, remember I usually draw cute girls/women. I can draw guys, kids, animals as well, but if you want me to draw your mecha, I'm probably not the best person to commission.

3. Commissions are first come first serve, unless buyer specifies an exact date, and other buyers do not have a required date. Commissions are done digitally at 300dpi, 11x14", and traditionally on 8.5x11" marker paper. If you'd like a different size, please let me know in the comments, and I will let you know if it's possible.

4. Buyer must send payment first before any work is done.

5. After payment is received, I will send you a sketch. If you need anything changed, this is when you need to tell me. It is very difficult to change things after your commission is finished.

6. Once the sketch is approved, I will finish your commission as soon as I can.

7. I will email or mail you your drawing!
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Where is/are your character(s) from? (TV Show? Comic? Do you want a portrait of someone?) *
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Any extra info you need me to know about your character. Poses, expressions, colors, anything I should know about your character. If you have a two character+ commission, how they interact with each other, etc. This is imperative if you want me to draw your OC!
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Type of commission you'd like: *
Price starts at one fully-colored character. Extra characters, props, detailed backgrounds, NSFW, etc. will add extra fees. If you don't want full color, please let me know in the comments. The price is lower for sketches and inks without color.
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