Support for Copywriters in Developing Countries

The goal here is to bring copywriters together. Across race, countries, and every divide that exists.

For copywriters in developed countries, you'll be providing support to help those in developing countries.

Here, support is described as one copy review and a 30-minute video chat every week for four weeks.

Because I don't think it's possible for a writer to get better overnight based on one copy review alone.

Most copywriters in developing countries can't afford to pay for courses, even those you consider cheap. We can't afford copy reviews from successful copywriters.

We don't have anyone to turn to for guidance, so we stay small, eating crumbs that fall off the table.

With your donation of time, you can help ONE copywriter upskill in a way they wouldn't have dreamt of.

If you've been looking for a way to help BIPOC folks in developing countries, I'm hoping you'll share this form with your friends and join the list.

I can tell you first-hand that nothing empowers a person like earning your worth. The good you do here today will change lives forever.
First name and last name
What's your email address? You'll be assigned a copywriter and I'll personally make introductions via email. *
What's your niche? *
Are you open to answering questions outside of copywriting during your call? This could include advice on how to charge for services, how to handle the 1st call with a prospective client, how to market yourself better as a freelancer, and other business advice that has helped you scale. *
You'll be required to provide one copy review plus a 30-minute zoom call, every week for 4 weeks. You'll set the time for the 30-minute zoom call based on your weekly availability. Do you agree? *
You cannot ask the recipient to pay money or do free work for you in exchange for this free service. Do you understand? *
What type of copy do you write *
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