Maple Valley Days Parking Team Application
Maple Valley Days is excited to offer a fundraising opportunity to a local non profit. This opportunity is to manage the on site parking for all of the festival attendees for the 2019/2020* festival years. The application is below and applications must be submitted by February 1st 2019.

Here are points to consider to help you determine if your non profit would be a good candidate:
a) one designated person in charge of the event and all volunteers
b) attend monthly MV Days planning meetings
c) provide a minimum of 10 people on site at all times during event hours (Hours are Friday 12-8pm, Saturday 6am-8pm and Sunday 6am-5pm)
d) all volunteers will be at least 13 years of age
e) keep a ratio at all times of 3 minors-1adult
f) provide a starting pool of $500 to make change

Please reach out with any questions:

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Registered Federal NonProfit Number *
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Mission or Vision Statement *
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Have you done parking before? If yes, when? *
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How are you guaranteeing a minimum 10 volunteers at all times? *
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How will you keep the money safe during event hours? *
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How will the money fund raised support our local community? *
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*MV Days board of directors has the right to revoke the 2020 fundraising opportunity if non profit does not fulfill their duties in 2019.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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