External Communications Survey
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Do you know about the programs and services at this Regent Park CHC location?
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How do you currently find information on Regent Park CHCs programs and services? *
How would you most like Regent Park CHC to communicate with you about our programs, services and what is new? *
What programs or services have you attended over the past 6 months at Regent Park CHC? *
Do you visit the Regent Park CHC website to find out about what’s happening? *

Do you know what kinds of programs and services are offered at other Regent Park CHC locations?

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Is that something you're interested in knowing?
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Do you follow Regent Park CHC on social media? *
Are you in a WhatsApp group that talks about programs and events in the Regent Park community? *
Have you been sent to any programs and services at Regent Park CHC from another community organization? *
Is there any information about Regent Park CHC that you would be interested in seeing more of? If yes, please explain below: *
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