Berklee Theater Arts Collaborative New Musicals Submission Form
Berklee Theater Arts Collaborative (BTAC), the program for musical theater performance, stage management, conducting, and songwriting minors at Berklee College of Music, is seeking new musical submissions for main stage, staged-reading, and studio workshop productions

Scripts at all stages of development are welcome

Students work under the direction of Berklee's faculty industry professionals to produce and perform all aspects of the new work, including new arrangements where appropriate

Performances are presented publicly at the Berklee Performance Center and other Berklee stage venues. High quality video recording may be available for archival and portfolio reference (subject to individual contract agreements). In many cases, pieces are performed with a full live orchestra. Writers have access to professional creative and production team feedback. Writers maintain full ownership of their work

The search committee is primarily seeking interesting stories with strong writing and music to feature our culturally diverse student body and promote the program's main goal: to help shape the narrative for the next generation of Broadway creators and performers by changing the landscape of theater to be fully inclusive of actors, directors, and writers of diverse backgrounds

BTAC prioritizes musicals with:
Open Casting possibilities
Empowered roles for women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community
Opportunities for actors who play instruments
Cast sizes ranging from 10 to 18 characters including ensemble roles
Main characters age appropriate for college students (teens-late 20’s)

BTAC employs both Open and Conscious Casting for all theater productions. Which means: unless significant aspects of the story are about gender, sexuality, or race topics - all roles are open to all students regardless of race, color, gender identity, nationality, ethnicity, class, religion, ability, age, sex, and sexual orientation

Recent examples:
Open Casting - GODSPELL; this show is not about gender, sexuality, or race. All students were considered for all roles, consequently, many roles traditionally played by men were played by women including the role of Jesus. The company otherwise reflected Berklee's diverse student body
Conscious Casting - MEMPHIS; because racism and the cultural misappropriation of Black music in the United States is central to the plot, Black actors played Black roles and non-Black actors played other roles; because themes about gendered expectations in the United States are also central to the plot, BTAC casting matched traditional casting for MEMPHIS in this way
Open and Conscious Casting - IN THE HEIGHTS; this show is primarily about the Hispanic community of Washington Heights, therefore Hispanic actors played the majority of roles, however gendered casting was flexible on this production

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How involved do you plan to be in the process? How willing are you to make rewrites or changes? Do you live in or around Boston? Would you make arrangements to attend auditions, select rehearsals, and performance(s) in person or via video chat?
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