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Thanks for your interest in Private, One-on-One VIP experiences with me!

If you've never hired a coach, the best explanation I've ever heard is that coaches are basically project managers for your life. Drawing from my 8 years startup tech experience, I like to work in 90 day project cycles. So, I generally work with V.I.P clients for a minimum of three, but more often, six months. Investment amounts vary since we actually co-create a custom approach, including the investment amount!

Generally speaking, my focus for you will be to restore foundations, rebuild stability and refresh your perspective by first assessing your life events (and physical systems) through the lense of energy....the lense I've found that makes most everything in life feel less threatening. In fact, Energy vs 'Efforting' will likely be a golden thread throughout our healing and coaching conversations.

Our relationship kicks off with this questionnaire below. Next, we'll schedule an initial call so that I can act as a strategic sounding board. I'll hear more about what's currently going on, versus how that differs from what you truly want, give you some food for thought and we might even book a second complimentary consult before discussing if we are a fit or not.

Working with me will be will be powerful...and it will be FULL of fun. I cannot think of a single elite client of mine who didn't comment "Nicole, I love your energy." (Which is lovely because reinvigorating clients who feel stuck in fixed or boring life circumstances is my joy!) It's my intention that our work together even helps clients relate even better to everybody, now that they've discovered how to use their energy correctly.

I offer tons of love, compassion, support AND working together will be an experience that NEITHER of us will ever forget.

Check out the questions below so that we can schedule our first strategy call and see how 1-on-1 work can help.
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Where are you on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is "I'm thinking about doing this "sometime" and 10 is "This is IT, now is my time, NOTHING will get in my way?" *
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Tell on yourself| Fast forward to the end of our engagement and you don't get the results you want...what happened? What's that thing you might do that gets in the way of what you want to create? *
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