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The answers you give on this application will help us find the best possible match between you and the Great Pyrenees available through Great Pyrenees Rescue of Wisconsin, Inc., (hereafter referred to as GPRW). We will hold your application until we have a Great Pyrenees that we feel will be a good match for you based on your criteria. This process can take up to several months. All of our dogs are listed on; feel free to browse the site to see photos and read about the dogs. Prior to the placement of any dog, a GPRW representative will conduct a home visit and fence check.

A nonrefundable $20 donation will be assessed to help off-set the expense of this home visit, but will be applied toward the final adoption donation should an adoption occur within six months of the home visit. You may be asked to make modifications in your home or with your fencing to more safely accommodate this dog. A follow-up check will be made upon placing the dog if modifications were needed.

If, in checking veterinary references, it is found that you have not kept up-to-date with vaccinations, annual heartworm tests and preventative medication, or that you are not willing to spay or neuter your current pets for reasons other than medical, you may be denied adoption.
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Do you understand that dogs must always be monitored when interacting with children, adults, and other pets, no matter how nice the dog? *
Who will be responsible for the care and training of this dog? *
Approximately how long do you expect this dog will be alone each day? *
If needed, are you willing to get a crate and crate-train this dog? *
If needed, are you willing to get a crate and crate-train this dog? *
Where will this dog sleep at night? *
Are you willing to modify your daily schedule to accommodate the needs of this dog? *
What canine behaviors would you consider unacceptable and would cause you to give up this dog? *
What is your purpose for this dog? *
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ADOPTING PARTY: We certify that the information contained in this application is true and correct, and further authorize GPRW to contact any and all references in order to verify the information provided in this adoption application. The completion of this application in no way guarantees your adoption of a Great Pyrenees from GPRW.  (type your name for signature) Please submit form when done. *
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