Who is your ideal customer?
Hi, I'm Grant Crawley from dizzigo.com and I really want to help you improve your marketing and grow your business.

One of the most critical things you must do is define your ideal customer avatar (ICA), it's a cornerstone exercise and most people can't be bothered. Which may be contributing to their lack of success.

The goal of this exercise is for you to be VERY clear on who it is that you're serving and what you can do for them. It works whether you sell physical products or you provide services.

All I ask in return for helping you through this process is your email address. Without it, we can't build a relationship and you won't get your responses emailed to you - because Google won't know where to send them.
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This exercise is 100% worth your time and effort
Most people want to skip this exercise because it takes some work and true reflection, but please don’t skip this! Understanding your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA) HUGELY important to the success of your business.

I know it may all feel a bit weird. You might be thinking, “But Grant, am I supposed to just guess?”

The answer is yes, and no. There are no wrong answers. If you have a few customers already it's going to be so much easier.

Spend some time doing your research, poke around in the Facebook groups and/or online groups you imagine your ICA frequents, talk to your potential ICA, ask questions. Peruse the comments section of other people’s blogs or community forums (I recommend going to the blogs or social channels of a couple of people who are very successful in your field and learn from their audiences).

You want to keep your eye out for common questions, frustrations, and even celebrations that come up in these groups. Understanding what these common themes are will give you valuable, and often intimate, details about your ICA how you can help them.

The good news? Your ICA isn't cast in stone, as you learn more, you can tweak your responses until they become dialled-in and feel very authentic and true to you.
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