We believe that getting big money out of our politics is required to save our democracy. Do you?
Let's make sure that campaign finance reform bills are introduced into next year's Virginia General Assembly.  Are you interested in working with us to make that happen?  It is only through working together that we can make sure that we, Virginia citizens, has as much voice as special interests and corporations.  

 If you agree with us and would like to support our advocacy, please fill in this form and  click "submit". It only takes a few minutes. You can do as little or as much as you  want in terms of advocacy.  We'll send you information about our meetings/upcoming events.

Your contact information will not be shared and will be used only by Virginia 💰#MoneyOut💸 (VA Chapter of American Promise)
Thank you. – Virginia Money Out  (contact us at moneyoutva@gmail.com or check out our website-VMOP.org)
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