Virtual HIV Interfaith Conference - Resilience and Renewal, 22-24 September 2020
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The virtual HIV Interfaith Conference, Resilience and Renewal, will provide a space for sharing, capacity building and advocacy among people of faith involved in HIV and AIDS. It will be an opportunity to celebrate the many resilient people engaged in the HIV response; and an occasion to recommit faith leaders and communities to address HIV-related stigma and discrimination, increase access, and promote human rights.

The Interfaith Conference is guided by six outcome objectives. Those objectives are to:
1.) Increase the knowledge base, intention to act, and positive attitudes of participants in relation to advocacy, sensitive topics, and research/evidence;
2.) Celebrate and get inspired by resilient people engaged in the HIV response;
3.) Highlight and describe the distinctive roles of faith leaders and communities to a multi-sectoral, comprehensive response to HIV in local, national, and global contexts;
4.) Build collaboration between faith groups and other sectors;
5.) Launch an Interfaith Platform for learning, capacity building, networking, action, and advocacy as a follow-up to the Interfaith Conference; and
6.) Ensure that the experiences and perspectives of young people, those living with HIV, and members of marginalized communities disproportionately impacted by HIV inform content and action steps coming out of the conference.

Information collected in this registration form is strictly confidential, will not be published, and will be used solely for the purposes of conference registration. Data collated will be used for reporting purposes as disaggregated data and will not personally identify registrants.
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