Smile-A-Mile Internship Application
We are happy that you have taken an interest in our internship program. With the expansion of our programming due to the addition of Smile-A-Mile Place in early 2017, we can now offer two internship programs. Listed below are the typical roles and requirements that will be expected of our intern. However, please note that these are subject to change as we see fit but you will be informed of changes made if selected. Read over the internship options and determine where you believe you will be the best fit prior to completing this application.

We welcome interns during Spring and Summer Semesters. The amount of applicants we accept depends on the needs we have for that particular semester.

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Application Deadlines
Spring Semester: 1st Tuesday of November

Summer Semester: 1st Tuesday of March

Once the deadline has passed and we receive your application, you will be contacted to set up an interview.

Smile-A-Mile Place Internship
Minimum Age: 20 years

Roles & Requirements:
• Be present and attentive
• Participate in Smile-A-Mile programs, Special Events, Internal Fundraisers, office tasks
• Assist in the planning and execution of activities in Place
• Work with program staff or other staff to meet the needs of the organization
• Plan and implement at least 3-4 activities in Smile-A-Mile Place
• Take ownership of tasks that are assigned
• A commitment to the mission and values of Smile-A-Mile

*If there is a camp session during the semester you are interning, you will be given the opportunity to attend part of camp if you would like to. You can also chose to volunteer at a weekend camp session but those hours will not count towards your internship hours.

Summer Camp Internship
Minimum age: 20 years

Roles & Requirements:
• Be present at each camp session during internship time frame
• Participate in the preparation of each camp programming
• Editor of the “Camp Newspaper”
• Able to endure long days and execute all that is asked of you
• Attend volunteer orientation
• Plan and implement at least one age appropriate activity at each week-long camp

SAM Camp Sessions:
On Therapy Family Camp*
Sibling Camp
Youth Weeklong Camp
Jr/Sr Weekend Camp
Teen Weeklong Camp
Young Adult Retreat*
Off Therapy Family Camp***

* Depending on your internship schedule, interns may not begin before this session.
**Interns do not attend this session
*** You will have your hours completed prior to this camp, however, if you would like to stay involved you can come to Off Therapy camp as a volunteer.

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