LexSciBowl 2018 Team Registration
Hello! Thanks for deciding to register a team for LexSciBowl!

Teams must consist of 4-5 members. You can also register multiple teams from the same school, as long as there are adult coaches/chaperones for each team. Parents can organize teams of students independently from the school as well.

If you can't come up with 4 members, please instead register as individuals in the Individuals Registration (https://goo.gl/forms/L5extlhlayNDZRqD2) with a note at the end of the names of the other people you'd like to be on a team with. We will do our best to form a team for you.
Please note that each team MUST have one adult coach supervising at all times throughout the day.

Find more information at http://lexscibowl.org or by emailing us at contact@lexscibowl.org.

Thank you!
LexSciBowl Team

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