Experiences of the Glastonbury Festival: Beliefs, Politics and Values
This questionnaire will contribute to academic research carried out by scholars at the University of South Wales, Cardiff University and the Open University, in UK. The data we collect will be solely used for academic purposes (such as conference papers, workshops, seminars and academic publications). You will not be named in any published material and all data will be anonymised and stored on a computer protected by a password. Whenever we will mention your contribution or discuss your participation we will use a pseudonym. You have the right to withdraw from the study during the first three weeks from the date next to your email below and if you wish to do so all data will be destroyed. Your contribution to our research is very much appreciated and the data will be treated with respect and consideration.

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Please tell us where you live now, town and country:
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About your previous visits:
Date of first visit to Glastonbury Festival, and subsequent frequency (in which years were you here?):
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How did you first hear about Glastonbury festival?
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Are you here (at the festival) on your own or with friends or part of a group? Please specify:
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What are some of the first sites you have visited or intend to visit whilst at the festival? (Which fields for example?) Why?
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What is the best/ most interesting thing about the event?
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Please share any additional thoughts or feelings about the festival?
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Did you keep any memorabilia from past festivals (if applicable)? What did you keep and why?
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Politics, Beliefs and Values
The final sections of this questionnaire are based on two European Surveys: the European Value Survey (EVS), which now constitutes an additional section of the European Social Survey (ESS) (please see The European Social Survey, (2014). ESS Round 7 Source Questionnaire. London: ESS ERIC Headquarters, Centre for Comparative Social Surveys, City University London [online] http://www.europeansocialsurvey.org/docs/round7/fieldwork/source/ESS7_source_supplementary_questionnaires.pdf
We wish to know more about your attitude towards politics:
1) How much would you say the political system in UK allows people like you to have a say in what the government does? Please tick one box:
A little
A lot
2) And how much would you say that the political system in UK allows people like you to have an influence on politics? Please tick one box:
A little
A lot
3) How much would you say that politicians care what people like you think? Please tick one box:
Not at all
A lot
4) How able do you think you are to take an active role in a group involved with political issues? Please tick one box:
Completely able
Completely unable
5) And how confident are you in your own ability to participate in politics? Please tick one box:
Completely able
Completely unable
6) Please add any additional information about ways in which you consider yourself to be politically active?
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We would like to know more about your religious or spiritual beliefs.
1) Please describe your religious affiliation? (if applicable)
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2) Which of these statements comes closest to your beliefs?
3) Whether or not you think of yourself as a religious person, how strongly are you interested in the sacred or the supernatural?
Very interested
Not at all interested
4) These are statements one sometimes hears. Please choose the statement that best describes your view?
5) Do you take some moments for prayer, meditation or contemplation or something like that?
6) Please add any relevant information about your religious and/ or spiritual practice (if applicable):
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This is a short value survey, which we have adapted from the European Value Survey, as outlined above.
In this section please read the following descriptions and decide how much these personal statements reflect somebody who is or is not like you. Please indicate this on a scale where:
1 ‘very much like me’
2 ‘somewhat like me'
3 ‘not like me at all’
4 ‘a little like me’
5 ‘not like me’
6 ‘not like me at all’
7 ‘not like me at all’
A) Thinking up new ideas and being creative is important to me. I like to do things in a personal original way.
B) It is important to me to be rich. I wants to have a lot of money and expensive things
C) I think it is important that every person in the world should be treated equally. I believe everyone should have equal opportunities in life.
D) It's important to me to show my abilities. I want people to admire what I do.
E) It is important to me to live in secure surroundings. I avoid anything that might endanger my safety
G) I like surprises and I always look for new things to do. I think it is important to do lots of different things in life.
H) I believe that people should do what they're told. I think people should follow rules at all times, even when no-one is watching.
I) It is important to me to listen to people who are different from me. Even when I disagree with them, I still want to understand them.
J) It is important to me to be humble and modest. I try not to draw attention to myself.
K) Having a good time is important to him. I like to “spoil” myself.
L) It is important to me to make my own decisions about what I do. I like to be free and not depend on others.
M) It's very important to me to help the people around me. I want to care for their well-being.
N) Being very successful is important to me. I hope people will recognise my achievements.
O) It is important to me that the government ensures my safety against all threats. I want the state to be strong so it can defend its citizens.
P) I looks for adventures and like to take risks. I want to have an exciting life.
R) It is important to me to always behave properly. I want to avoid doing anything people would say is wrong.
S) It is important to me to get respect from others. I want people to do what I say.
T) It is important to me to be loyal to my friends. I want to devote myself to people close to me.
U) I strongly believe that people should care for nature. Looking after the environment is important to me.
V) Tradition is important to me. I try to follow the customs handed down by my religion or my family.
X) I seek every chance I can to have fun. It is important to me to do things that give me pleasure.
If you wish to know more about this research please contact maria.nita@southwales.ac.uk
Please indicate if you would like to contribute further by the means of an interview and consent to being contacted by email:
And finally, any pictures you would like to share with us? We are compiling a digital archive of images from the Glastonbury festival, past and present, which will be hosted by the University of South Wales, which will include some photographs taken by participants. Would you like to contribute any photographs? We are particularly interested in photographs from the early festivals in the 1970s and 1980s. Please indicate if you would like to be contacted about contributing to the digital archive by entering an email address below:
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